• One simple step to ensuring you donít buy a lemon vehicle

    AUTHOR: CARLEADO DATE: August 31, 2020

    You may think you have found the best car deal but there is still some work to be done once a good deal is found. Many people will get excited about the vehicle and forget to test drive it, which is a very important aspect of car shopping. There may be a wide range of defects with a vehicle that can easily be spotted from a simple 15-20 minute test drive. Driving the vehicle will also give you an idea of whether the vehicle is suitable for you. People of different heights may not be comfortable in certain vehicles. The first step would be to do a full walk through of the vehicle inspecting the interior and exterior. Check the tires for any visible damage if everything looks good get inside and turn the engine on. Check all lights and signals are working along with the windows sliding up and down smoothly. Next, make sure heat and ac controls are functional switching all controls on and off. Once this is done take the car for a drive to make sure all the mechanics seem to be running smoothly. Remember, you do not need to be a mechanic for a test drive, the purpose of the test drive is to spot any issues that stand out without putting the car on a hoist. Be sure to pick at any details of the vehicle that are not up to the standards as these things can be used to negotiate a lower price.