Carleado Privacy Policy

We are 1197181 BC Ltd., the owner and operator of the CarLeado.com website. We collect some information about you in order to give you a personalized experience when you use our website. Your privacy is important to us, and we strive to be transparent with you about the information we collect and how or why we use it.

By using CarLeado.com, you consent to the collection, use, storage, sale, and disclosure of this information as described in this Privacy Policy. If you can not, or do not consent to these terms, you may not use CarLeado.com. Please also review our Terms of Use

We care about your privacy and welcome any recommendations you may have to improve our practices and privacy policy. We may not be able to put every suggestion into practise but you are welcome to Contact Us at admin@carleado.com


    As used in this privacy policy, the following terminology is described as follows:

    "Personal Information" shall be defined as information which pertains to an identifiable individual.

    "Registration Information" shall be defined as information that is gathered from you (the user), at the time of registration which shall include, but not limited to your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and password. The information that is collected at registration may vary, so we only collect information that is entered into data entry forms.


    When users share information such as contact information, descriptions, photographs with carleado.com, it is by nature information that is intended to be shared with others. This category also includes any personally identifying information that you choose to post in publicly accessible areas of carleado.com or in your user profile. This information is called "Shared information" and you consent to this information being made available to and shared with anyone, including publicly accessible areas of carleado.com, other 1197181 BC Ltd. sites, in print publications or publications in other formats. 1197181 BC Ltd. is not able to control this information, or what any third parties may do with this information, and by posting this information publicly, you waive any privacy rights you may have in this information.

    Someone may be able to identify you personally based on some information that we may collect such as your email address or your IP address. This information is called "Personally Identifying Information" and we try our hardest to keep this information confidential. Any information that you choose to post in publicly accessible areas of carleado.com is not included in this category.

    Additional data may be collected such as, web cookies which may assist us in tracking your navigation throughout carleado.com, approximate geographical location data, collection IP address information to assisting in diagnosing problems within our server and track site usage statistics, transaction information and additional information that may assist us in helping us determine your user preferences. 1197181 BC Ltd may collect credit information such as your preferred monthly car payment amount, estimated credit rating, annual salary, job title, duration of employment, employers company name/phone number and income levels. Collection of such information is critical for our business and day to day operations since it directly correlates with the ability of us to provide you an effective user experience. It shall be noted that the collection of information as outlined in this document shall be held in order for us to exercise our legal rights and/or to assist in defence against legal action or claims against us.


    For the sole purpose of this Policy, "Personal Information" means:

    1. Information that is Personally Identifying but does not include any identifying information that you've chosen to post in public areas of carleado.com or in your user profile
    2. Collections of demographic information (and/or information which does not personally identify you) which is associated with personally identifying information in a manner that the individual to whom the information relates to could be easily identified.


    We may collect, use, maintain or disclose your personal information without your knowledge or consent where permitted or required by applicable law. You give us consent to collect, use and disclose your Personal information as described in this Policy. With your permission, we may also collect, use or disclose your personal information for other purposes. Such consent may be expressed, deemed, or implied, as may be reasonable under the circumstances. As an example, in circumstances where it should be clear to you that personal information submitted by you must be used, collected, or disclosed in order to provide a service that you have requested.

    If required by law, it shall be noted that your personal information may need to be stored, used and disclosed in order for us to fully obey essential legal and regulatory requirements. As an example, a need to reveal partially and/or all your Personal Information in order to respect a court order or subpoena. If a need to disclose your Personal Information ever arises, we shall make a well informed attempt to contact you following a court order or subpoena.

    Contact information that is provided by you may be used to contact you about carleado.com and the services we provide, or to maintain our relationship with you. Financial information such as account or credit card numbers will be collected to bill users for products and services, but we retain this information only as required to process the transaction only for a duration that may be required by law. Visitors may be asked for contact information in 1197181 BC Ltd. online surveys such as email address and demographic information such as postal code, age, or income level. 1197181 BC Ltd. may ask users to enter financing information such as income, employment status, employment history, income levels, and employer information.

    Usage of customer information supplementary for additional reasons may be used by 1197181 BC Ltd at or before the time that the information is collected. We may also (i) provide information such as the postal code of certain users to particular dealer clients of 1197181 BC Ltd who advertise on CarLeado.com for the single intent of determining the capability of advertising on CarLeado.com, and (ii) gather information from clients specifically for transaction and accounting purposes.


    Protect your password and personal information. 1197181 BC Ltd is not responsible for unauthorized access to the userís personal information which may be compromised due to, but not limited to, lost/stolen passwords including a system wide data breach. A unique password which hasn't been used for any other websites should be made and kept secure.


    We may utilize a web browser feature referred to as a "cookie" or similar technologies. Cookies are files placed on your hard drive that assist us in providing you with a tailored browsing experience. A web beacon or tracer tag is an object embedded in a web page, often working in union with a cookie, which monitors the behavior of a user on a web page unobtrusively so that we can understand how you use carleado.com in order to improve the experience.

    In order to accurately understand how you, the user, operates CarLeado.com, we use web sessions, web beacons, web cookies and similar technologies. A web session ID is stored on the visitors web browser and this web session ID is something that is passed along with any HTTP requests that the visitor makes while on the site. Web beacons, which are also known as "internet tags" , have the task of linking web pages to web servers and their cookies. We only use web beacons in service with emails to track whether an email sent by us was opened. Cookies are small files that are placed on your hard drive or mobile device to track whether you, the user, has visited our website before.

    You may deactivate, clear or be notified upon the receipt of a new cookie, web beacon, tracer tag or similar technologies. The "help" section of the toolbar on most browsers will teach you on how to block your browser from accepting new cookies, web beacons, tracer tags and similar technologies. If you decide to deactivate their use, you may be required to re enter user IDs and passwords more frequently as websites may not function correctly.

    Other links on CarLeado.com that come from outsider advertisers. If you, the user, were to view any of these outsider ads, you automatically accept that these advertisers may assign you cookies. It shall also be noted that 1197181 BC Ltd has no control over these cookies and that 1197181 BC Ltd shall not be held responsible for any other use by these outside advertisers.


    Our contractors, employees, service providers and other parties of similar nature shall have access to your Personal Information in order to provide us with enough information for us to maintain, establish and manage a working relationship with you, the user.

    As part of the functionality of CarLeado.com, we may disclose your Personal Information to sellers of vehicles on CarLeado.com if you consent to us doing so. Consent provided, can be in the terms of, you, the user, submitting your personal information to CarLeado.com for the purpose of obtaining information from the seller of a car. In this case, it is necessary for the Personal Information to take place to facilitate the transaction.

    In the unlikely event of a change of ownership of 1197181 BC Ltd, your Personal Information may be disclosed or transferred in addition to, any grant of interest in 1197181 BC Ltd, in part or in whole, through any business acquisition, merger, joint venture or anything of similar nature. The disclosing of your Personal Information shall be accordance with this policy if any party is acquiring such as interest in 1197181 BC Ltd.


    Whenever we collect, use, maintain or disclose your personal information, it is important to us that we obtain your permission. You may request to have your account deleted at any time by emailing admin@carleado.com. Your user account information will be deleted from our records. Then, subject to any legal requirement for us to retain these records, your Personally Identifying information will be deleted. We may store anonymous Demographic information in perpetuity. Shared Information, such as your submissions, listings, and comments may remain on carleado.com after your account is deleted.


    We try our best efforts to keep your Personal Information safe from unauthorized access, however we cannot be held liable in the event of unauthorized access to or inadvertent disclosure of any Personal Information.


    Your device may connect to third-party servers while using carleado.com. This may happen, for example, when content hosted on a third party server is embedded in a page on carleado.com , or if you leave carleado.com to view linked content. These third parties may collect information about you and we have no control over how they use, disclose, collect that information. We may engage third party service providers in order to provide services to you. Third party service providers may have separate privacy policies and information gathering, disclosure, and storage procedures that differ from those set out herein.

    You accept that during the term of your connection to, or use of carleado.com, as a result of disclosure to third parties as outlined above, or as an effect of the network connections used to connect to carleado.com or any related servers or computer networks, any data transmitted may be transmitted to jurisdictions outside of canada, and may therefore subject to the laws of those other jurisdictions, which may differ from the laws of Canada.


    1197181 BC Ltd reserves the right to be able to track, monitor and record both calls and emails in order to manage fraudulent activity on CarLeado.com that may occur resulting from the use of CarLeado.com. To prevent fraudulent activity, communication between buyers and dealers shall be recorded or monitored by 1197181 BC Ltd. if fraudulent behaviour is found to be taken place, in compliance with the Privacy Policy or Terms of Service, 1197181 BC Ltd reserves the right to terminate any further interaction with CarLeado.com by the user committing such fraudulent acts. 1197181 BC Ltd

    Dealers who opt to use CarLeado.com to post their available vehicle on as a response to a buyer vehicle request, shall be required to use our Fraud management tactics as part of their communication with interested buyers.

    Any content that consists of email and phone monitoring, tracking or recording shall be the sole property of 1197181 BC Ltd service providers it chooses to hire.


    In the event of any privacy dispute, you may email admin@carleado.com for privacy dispute resolution.


    The users of CarLeado.com, when appropriate, shall have the right to (i) opt-out of receiving communications from us whether they be by email or phone (ii) remove their account along with any personal information that may be held within our information database (iii) choose to discontinue the receiving of any type of services from us. To request this, please contact admin@carleado.com. Users can submit a formal request to update or correct Personal Information submitted to CarLeado.com. The user can submit a formal complaint and 1197181 BC Ltd shall, within a reasonable time, both conduct and conclude an investigation into the matter.


    This policy has a limited scope and application, as set out herein and in applicable legislation. We may amend this Policy from time to time by posting an amended version of this Policy on our CarLeado.com. Any amendments will take effect from the date on which they are posted. By continuing to use carleado.com after these amendments are posted, you agree to these amendments. This Policy does not create or confer upon any individual rights, or impose upon us any obligations beyond, or in addition to, those rights or obligations imposed by applicable privacy laws in effect in the Province of British Columbia.