• You may be overlooking this nasty hidden cost of owning a vehicle

    AUTHOR: CARLEADO DATE: August 21, 2020

    With all the expenses that come with owning a vehicle, depreciation is the most hidden. Chances are the average person won't realize how much value their vehicle has lost until it comes time to sell it. New vehicles will lose 10% of their value as soon as they are driven off the lot. Part of this depreciation comes from dealer markups. Generally the more expensive the vehicle is, the higher the dollar value it will depreciate by. 

    Why does my vehicle depreciate?

    If the vehicle you are trying to sell is not in demand it will suffer from the highest value loss. If you have chosen a vehicle which maintains good residual value it may still depreciate. Also imported vehicles may depreciate more than domestic. It is important to drive the vehicle with care and keep maintenance on schedule.