• 4 simple Specs to Consider When Buying an Electric Vehicle

    AUTHOR: CARLEADO DATE: January 3, 2021

    It can be very difficult to determine which electric vehicle is right for you. Lucky for us now there are many good affordable options. Besides price, the top things you should consider when buying an electric vehicle are acceleration, top speed, charge time and range. Charge time and range are said to be the most important as they give you an idea of the convenience of the vehicle. If you are someone who drives a lot you would want a vehicle with a long range. On the other hand, if you don't drive much but stay away from home a lot, you may want a vehicle with a short charge time as electric vehicles may not be readily available in your area. Short charge time would allow you to charge your electric vehicle quickly when charging stations are available. 

    We love the tesla model 3 as it gives a high charge time and range rating as seen below. Take a look at which electric vehicle would be great for you. This table below describes the main highlights of each vehicle, comparing them on one easy page will make it easier to make an educated decision on which vehicle is right for you. 

    Keep in mind, if you are not in a rush, electric vehicle technology is only getting better and if you have the ability to wait to purchase a new vehicle it may be beneficial.




    Top speed 

    Charge time 


    Audi e-tron

    6.6 s 

    200 km/h 

    8.5 hours 

    328 km 

    BMW i3

    8 s 

    150 km/h

    4h - 6h

    246 km

    Chevrolet bolt

    6.5 s 

    150 km/h

    383 km 

    Fiat 500e

    8.5 s 

    142 km/h

    140 km

    Ford focus ev 

    9.9 s 

    135 km/h

    30 hours when charged from 120 V, 5.5 hours when charged from 240 V and 0.5 hours charge to 80% with DC Fast Charge

    185 km

    Honda fit ev

    9.5 s 

    148 km/h 

    132 km

    Hyundai Ionic 

    9.9 s

    185 km/h

    4 hours when charged from 240 V outlet. DC Fast Charging, 33 minutes for an 80% charge at 50 kW and 24 minutes at 100 kW

    169250 km

    Hyundai kona 

    167 km/h

    470 km

    Kia soul ev


    145 km/h

    45 hours (208 V - 6.6 kW: 4h 50min, 240 V - 6.6 kW: 4h 10min.)

    Type 3: 33 minutes for up to 80%. Type 1: Up to 24 hours 

    150 km

    Nissan leaf 

    150 km/h

    Up to 20 hours when charged from 110/120 V outlet; 8 hours when charging from 220/240 V outlet; 30 minutes for 440 V "quick charge" (to 80% of battery capacity)

    252 km

    Mercedes EQc

    4.9 s 

    180 km/h

    12 hours 

    354 km 

    Smart electric drive

    11.5 s 

    125 km/h

    145 km

    Tesla Model S

    3.7 s

    210 km/h

    8 hours with home charging; 50% in ~20 minutes from a Tesla Supercharger

    600 km

    Tesla  Model X

    4.7 s

    210 km/h

    8 hours with home charging; 50% in ~20 minutes from a Tesla Supercharger[

    523 km

    Tesla Model 3 

    5.6 s 

    210 km/h

    7.3h for 100%, ~14% per hour with home charger, 50% in ~30 minutes from a Tesla Supercharger 

    560 km